Out Of Stock Containment Area – Pets manager Indoor access control (PT-03)

Containment Area – Pets manager Indoor access control (PT-03)

Item Description:

1. “Pets manager” is designed to restrict your pets from areas inside the house you do not wish for them to enter. Ideal for baby rooms, lounges, garages.

2. The product does not need cables, so you can place the “Pets manager” beside of the objects you want to keep away from pets.

3. The signals cover diameter of the forbidden area is 50~300cm.

4. Signals cover division setting, you can adjust the signals cover ranges according to the size of the space freely by yourself.

5. The sensitivity and accuracy of a cover division range are controlled digitally.

6. Automatic alarm or alert system, to alert pets not to enter the forbidden area.

7. The product is suitable for 2~70kg pets.

8. With LCD display.

9. The receiver is in waterproof design, in the lightest design, 36g weight, will not affect pets’ living when it is put on.

10. Programming system, in two different modes, you can set it to allow one pet enter an area, while another is not allowed.

11. According to the living space, you can select “one for one” or “one for two” pattern.

12. Transmitter, receiver battery idle time is 4000 hours.

13. The transmitter is used with 3pcs “AA” alkali batteries (not included), and the receiver is used with 2pcs CR2032 button Li batteries (included)

14. The product is suitable for cats also.

Item Dimensions :


Receiver: 5.5×3×2.4cm

( L x W x H )

Item Weight:  208g

Material: ABS

Gift Box Size:



Containment Area – Pets manager Indoor access control (PT-03)

  • Product Code: PT-03
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  • R1,050

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