Out Of Stock Anti-Bark Premier  - Rechargeable, waterproof, fully adjustable (PT743)

Adjustable collar for medium-Large/extra large breeds 

Premier Anti-bark – Rechargeable, waterproof, fully adjustable (PT743)

Top of the Line anti-bark control collar is a high quality anti-bark collar with 7 levels of correction that automatically adjusts to your dog temperament. The fully rechargeable, waterproof anti-bark collar is best for medium to large dogs, of all temperament types, even stubborn breeds. With 3 different modes of operation, you can find the best bark control option for your dog.

Train your dog to stop excessive barking easily and painlessly. The Pet Trainer's new Rechargeable No Bark Anti-Bark Control Collar offers perfect bark technology. The anti-bark control collar is activated by a vibration sensor and microphone, this prevents unintentional corrections. It also ensures that the anti-bark collar will only activate if the dog wearing the anti-bark  collar starts barking or making other nuisance level noise, ensuring your dog is never confused by a correction occurring accidentally.

Item Features:
Waterproof, with rechargeable Ni-MH battery
The option have vibration warning prior to the stimulation Modes to ensure your dog learns to stop barking
6 intensity levels (2 to 7) for a wide variety of dispositions
7 sensitivity levels (1 to 7) adjustable for different dogs and environments
Easy testing method to check the no bark collar
Dual activation avoids accidental triggering due to impact, vigorous head shaking and other dogs barking
Recommended for dogs from 15lbs up to giant breeds
On /off switch, low battery and mode display
With Multi-Color LED Battery Life Indicator.

Collar size approximately : 55 * 40 * 28 mm.
Weighs approximately 58 g (with Ni-MH battery)
High quality heavy duty buckle strap 20cm-70cm

Anti-Bark Premier - Rechargeable, waterproof, fully adjustable (PT743)

  • Product Code: PT743
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  • R1,350

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