Out Of Stock Anti-Bark – Effective, high quality and affordable (PT758)

Small-medium size breeds

Anti-bark collar – Effective, high quality and affordable (PT758)


1.    the anti-bark collar is a patented design with small and fine of meniscus shape.

2.    Easy air blowing method to test the collar.

3.    7 levels of sensitivity adjustment by ?+? and ?-? buttons, to be suitable for different dogs.

4.    2 training modes: beeper and static shock.

5.    7 different combinations of beeper and static shock to train dogs effectively.

6.    The collar turns into 1-minute-automatic protection mode after 7 times consecutive working (pause time must be less than 30s).

7.    Adjustable leather leash from 6? to 30? to suit for different dogs: small, medium and large (not for huge)

8.    High quality at a reasonable price, easy operation with practical function.

How the bark control collar works

An internal microphone picks up the sound and the unit is automatically activated. The anti-bark control collar starts with emitting an ultrasonic sound of 1 second as a warning at the first bark. At the second bark the collar emits an ultrasonic sound of 2 second. From the third bark the collar emits a 3 second ultrasonic sound and gives 2-3 seconds static shock. The dog should stop barking. If the dog barks within 1 minute after the first static shock, the collar sends out a 3 second ultrasonic sound and 2-3 second of static shock. If the dog stops barking, the collar resets itself to the lowest level and repeats the first 3 steps. The shock levels can be adjusted with the delivered screwdriver.


Anti-Bark – Effective, high quality and affordable (PT758)

  • Product Code: PT758
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  • R550

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